A selection of Zubr’s projects

Eden Project – Venus Exploration

The fiery surface of Venus awaits visitors to the Eden Project’s Expedition Space, a cutting-edge mobile virtual reality experience.

Encounters Festival VR Theatre

The software system, officially releasing in early 2019 will allow arts venues and cultural attractions to set up their own virtual reality theatres in existing spaces.

Elite Performance Cycling AR Showcase

With a portfolio of the world's leading road cycling and mountain biking brands, Saddleback uses AR to showcase their elite performance products.

AR Treasure Hunt

A unique, augmented reality treasure hunt experience with bespoke fabricated iPad cases.

Oracle Bloodhound SSC Augmented Showcase

The Reception area of Oracle Corporation’s UK Headquarters plays host to this engaging and insightful mixed reality installation.

Zubr augmented reality binoculars with time travel lever

Past/Future AR Binoculars

Our unique, handcrafted augmented reality binoculars invite anyone to see the story of their surroundings; the past, present and future.

Zubr Inside human body blood vessel VR experience with Leap Motion interaction

Human Body: VR installation

Zubr created an incredible VR experience for delegates at a medical conference to interact with human body cells using just their hands.

Changing Places

Augmented reality filters that let you slip back in time to 19th Century India.

Paper Dinosaur – Photogrammetry Scan

R&D into 3D scanning was part of Zubr’s original mission. With countless hours of research under our belts, it’s now one of our main areas of expertise.