Zubr Virtual and Augmented Reality

Zubr’s Story

Zubr is one of the UK’s top studios for augmented and virtual reality innovation

With our roots in visual effects and depth-sensing camera technologies, we started our research activities in hologramatic capture and mixed reality applications in 2014. Today, you’ll find us directing innovative projects containing anything from 3D-scanned archeology and customised VR headsets to 3D-printed sculptures and AR-powered indoor navigation systems. There is no standardised approach for us, as you will learn if you decide to
come and visit Zubr HQ for yourself!

Our skills are specialist, but our clients diverse

We have worked with clients as diverse as Aardman Animations, Oracle Corporation, The Eden Project,
We the Curious and MCCGLC.

Commercial innovation powered by research

Our unique business model allows our clients to get their hands on the latest technological innovations after we have already absorbed the associated risks.
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How we work page to find out more.

Commercialisation of Cutting-edge research
is our business model

There are three stages to our business operations:
R&D Activities

Our continuous research activities keep us aligned with our passion for exploring the unknown. Much of our research and development work is undertaken in the form of high-risk, miniaturised projects. We aim to test publically available AR and VR technologies we believe to be promising within 7 days of their release in order to understand how we and our clients can use them.

Commercial Projects and Services

We develop a wide range of exciting digital activities for clients as diverse as Aardman, Oracle Corporation, We the Curious and the Eden Project. What makes our content stand out is how our commercial work is built on the foundations of our R&D work. Much of this is in the form of bespoke projects with exacting requirements.

Furthermore, some of our research is commercialised into a service offering or product. This includes mixed reality video compositing, 3D scanning and holographic capture.

Reinvestment of profits and R&D tax credits

The final step is the key in how we sustain our business. We reinvest at least 25% of our annual profits directly into new research activities, alongside additional resources produced from government R&D tax credits. This ensures we can continue to be one of the most innovative studios around (without going bankrupt or being owned by Google)!

Our research can be purely technical or it can be centred around creative practice, but often involves both.

We also undertake audience engagement research, and are looking to formalise this in 2019 with a public focus group.

The practices learnt from our research is added to our current roster of available concepts to be put forward to our clients and/or turned into service offerings.

Meet the team

The Zubr team is a close-knit family. We are made up of directors, designers, developers (and doggos).

Work with Zubr

Due to high demand for our work, we are now accepting speculative job applications.

Fancy a career working in VR? Join one of the UK’s fastest-growing immersive media companies as we move into our new studio.

Unity Developers

We are especially keen to meet applicants who specialise in Unity development. This could include areas of expertise such as 3D scene creation or C#. Experience of building AR and VR content is not necessary, as we have our own approach to this which you will pick up as you work with us.

Other Skills

We are also looking for applicants with experience/skills in the following areas. We would also be interested if you can offer something that we haven’t listed here. For some specialised skillsets, we consider freelancers and remote workers.

  • 3D modelling, animation and rigging
  • Production and studio management
  • Photography, video production, visual effects and post production
  • Other Development such as Xcode, Arduino, C++, C#, Javascript
Benefits of working at Zubr
  • Participate in very diverse and exciting projects for great clients
  • Develop with experimental and top-of-the-range VR and AR technologies
  • Generous company pension
  • Flexible working hours
  • Lots of biscuits

If you are interested, please send an email to info@zubrvr.com with ‘Zubr job application’ and your area of expertise in the subject line, with your cover message and portfolio links in the body of the email, with any CVs attached. We will reply with a confirmation once we have logged you into our files, and get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to meeting you!

We do not accept applications from recruiters.