A selection of Zubr’s projects



Zubr Bloodhound SSC 3D Oracle realtime Data visualisation

Oracle Bloodhound SSC Data View 3D

The lightning-fast data streamed from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car to the Oracle Cloud is visualised in our online 3D experience.


Zubr augmented reality binoculars with time travel lever

Past/Future AR Binoculars

Our unique, handcrafted augmented reality binoculars invite anyone to see the story of their surroundings; the past, present and future.


Zubr Landing app featured

Zubr Landing

Coming in to land soon, Zubr’s collection of handmade experiences will bring XR content back down to Earth on iOS and Android.


Zubr Inside human body blood vessel VR experience with Leap Motion interaction

Human Body: VR installation

Zubr created an incredible VR experience for delegates at a medical conference to interact with human body cells using just their hands.


Zubr Mixed Reality capture of Virtual Reality engineer training demo for Ministry of Defence

MOD VR Training Demo

This immersive training demo has been touring departments of the Ministry of Defence to give a glimpse of the future of engineering training.


Zubr Augmented Virtual reality experience for Oracle Corporation

Oracle Augmented Showcase

The Reception area of Oracle Corporation’s UK Headquarters plays host to this engaging and insightful mixed reality installation.


Zubr Augmented Reality consumer product App for Baldwin Hardware

AR Door Handle Showcase

One of the simplest use cases of AR, at its best. Anyone can preview models and finishes of hardware in their own home with this app.


Zubr interactive Augmented Reality cube experience for Pfister Faucets

Augmented Filter Cube

We worked with Trainrobber to build an incredible visualisation of a water filtration system for a commercial client to showcase at an industry expo.


Zubr Chillblast Hotel virtual reality experience

Sleep Con: Hotel Experience

Attendees of the Sleep Conference in London explored the future of Hotel design with our fully interactive, room-scale HTC Vive experience.


Zubr Bristol Data Dome fulldome 360 planetarium projection

Dome Tools

A Powerful, Open-source plugin for the Unity game engine that allows anyone to convert their content to the Fulldome planetarium format.


Zubr augmented reality pizza experience art installation in Bristol


Zubr VR created this interDOUGHmensional slice of AR for the launch party of Yadda’s local food review platform, Mmmyum.


Zubr VR Lab volumetric video 4D scanning hologram augmented reality installation in We The Curious Science Centre

Test Lab

Anyone can create an amazing 3D hologram of themselves with the world’s first automated 4D scanning installation in the At-Bristol Science Centre.


Zubr 3D scanned photogrammetry Aardman Animations Wallace & Gromit model set

Aardman 3D scanning R&D

Aardman Animations asked us to explore the potential of 3D scanning and augmentation of their stop motion sets and models.


Zubr MD Jack Norris shows augmented dance piece on a can of beans at the Watershed Bristol

Immersion Dance

An Arts Council-funded R&D project to explore the potential of hologram capture and augmentation of dance performances.


Zubr Bjork web VR experience for Google Cardboard

Bjork’s Future

An immersive mini-site dedicated to Bjork’s future powered by Zubr and Yadda’s VR content management system, Enso Experience.


Zubr Augmented Reality book cover

Augmented Reality Book

City of Bristol College students worked with us to create a beautiful, illustrated book where a different stage and performer comes to life on each page.


Zubr Trainrobber augmented reality wild west scene

VR LA Showcase

A window to a Wild West movie scene appears before your eyes in this simple but powerful experience for VR Scout’s VRLA After Party.


Zubr Banksy virtual reality 3D scanned piece

Banksy Scans

One of our first experiments with 3D scanning and photogrammetry saw us making the most of the urban art on our doorstep.