We Design and Develop:

Zubr Virtual Reality service

Virtual Reality

Immerse your audience in a virtual world. The Zubr team are experienced in creating immersive virtual reality experiences for a wide variety of uses.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Bring virtual content into the real world. Our most popular type of content enables simple but powerful interplay between the physical and the digital.

Zubr 3D scanning Photogrammetry service

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry

R&D into 3D scanning was part of Zubr’s original mission. With countless hours of research under our belts, it’s now one of our main areas of expertise.

Social Media Filters

There’s no need to download an app – it’s now possible to create amazing VR, AR and 3D content that works right on your favourite social media platform.

Custom Hardware Fabrication

From bluetooth-enabled control interfaces to 3D-printed headset designs, we can build robust custom hardware for installations and public showcases.

Zubr volumetric video 4D scan service

Volumetric Video & Videogrammetry

We are pioneers of ‘hologram’ 4D scanned video content, and one of the only studios in the UK with volumetric video capabilities.