A selection of Zubr’s projects

Las Iguanas Facebook Filter

Zubr have developed a funky bespoke Facebook Filter for the popular Latin American restaurant Las Iguanas.

AR Pirate Minigames

A unique collection of augmented reality pirate mini games with bespoke fabricated guns.

Soil Pests Augmented Exhibition

Zubr teams up with Syngenta to create an Augmented Reality App along with two grub sculptures for the 2019 Lamma Show.

Rouleur Classic 2018 Augmented Showcase

Zubr teams up with Saddleback to create a range of Augmented and Virtual Reality pieces for the world’s finest cycling exhibition.

Aardman 3D scanning R&D

Aardman Animations asked us to explore the potential of 3D scanning and augmentation of their stop motion sets and models.

Parklife Festival 2019

Augmented Reality facebook filter giving hints into the 2019 Parklife Festival lineup.

Crack Magazine x Aphex Twin Facebook Filter

Zubr have developed a bespoke Facebook Filter where Facebook users can augment Aphex Twins’ uncanny aesthetic straight onto their faces.

Lexus Facebook Filter

Zubr developed a bespoke Facebook Filter that was used as part as a competition and social media campaign for Lexus uk.

AR Treasure Hunt

A unique, augmented reality treasure hunt experience with bespoke fabricated iPad cases.