A selection of Zubr’s projects

Zubr Landing app featured

Zubr Landing

Coming in to land soon, Zubr’s collection of handmade experiences will bring XR content back down to Earth on iOS and Android.

Human Body: VR installation

Zubr created an incredible VR experience for delegates at a medical conference to interact with human body cells using just their hands.

Changing Places

Augmented reality filters that let you slip back in time to 19th Century India.

MOD VR Training Demo

This immersive training demo has been touring departments of the Ministry of Defence to give a glimpse of the future of engineering training.

AR Door Handle Showcase

One of the simplest use cases of AR, at its best. Anyone can preview models and finishes of hardware in their own home with this app.

Get Fired Up

Fire Safety – Mobile app engages the user on a fast paced multi function gaming experience using Augmented Reality

Enzyme Kinect Game

Race your friends through the body with our fun and educational two-player Enzyme Kinect game.

Zubr Bloodhound SSC 3D Oracle realtime Data visualisation

Oracle Bloodhound SSC Data View 3D

The lightning-fast data streamed from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car to the Oracle Cloud is visualised in our online 3D experience.

Zubr augmented reality pizza experience art installation in Bristol


Zubr VR created this interDOUGHmensional slice of AR for the launch party of Yadda’s local food review platform, Mmmyum.