Zubr CreatesVirtual and Augmented Reality

Zubr VR Lab volumetric video 4D scanning hologram augmented reality installation in We The Curious Science Centre

Zubr is one of the UK’s top studios for augmented and virtual reality innovation

Coming from a visual effects background, we started researching hologram capture and mixed reality in 2014. Now we develop groundbreaking XR content including room scale VR, custom-built mixed reality viewers and augmented product showcases.

We take pride in building bespoke, cutting-edge experiences that raise audience engagement to the next level – whether it’s in a museum, at a trade show or for internal business use.

Immersive innovation is our business model

There are three stages to our business operations:
Technical and creative research

Our continuous research keeps us aligned with our passion for exploring the unknown. Our developers experiment with promising new AR and VR tech within a month of release to understand how we can use it, whilst our artists explore new creative concepts and applications. The practices learnt from this are added to our roster of ideas to be put forward to our clients or turned into service offerings.

Commercial XR applications

Our unique immersive experiences have been deployed across the world and have been experienced by tens of thousands of people. What makes our content stand out is how our commercial work is built on the foundations of our R&D work. Much of this is in the form of bespoke projects, but some concepts are commercialised into a service or product, such as mixed reality video compositing, 3D scanning and holographic capture.

Reinvestment and R&D tax credits

The final step is key to how we sustain our business. We reinvest at least 25% of our annual profits directly into new research activities, alongside resources from government R&D tax credits. This ensures we can continue to be one of the most innovative studios around (without going bankrupt or being owned by Google!)