Sleep Con: Hotel Experience

Attendees of the Sleep Conference in London explored the future of Hotel design with our fully interactive, room-scale HTC Vive experience.

Our VR Hardware partner, Chillblast, worked with us to create a futuristic vision of a luxury hotel resort to enthrall visitors at the 2016 Sleep Conference. Users are transported to an incredible space station resort, orbiting a Mars-like planet; where they can enter their hotel room and admire the fine  glassware before stepping out on to the balcony, and down to the infinitypool.  We accommodated a fully enclosed walking space of 3Mx3M by specially designing fixed teleport points in the environment, which ensures walls and fences are always matching the real-life bounds of the space. The entire development took place over only two weeks.

The experience is now being shown to hotel industry folks around the world.