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Please Stand-by: Zubr Launches YouTube Channel

We’ve decided to open the (digital) doors to our studio via the wondrous world of YouTube.

EngD Research Project 03: Introduction of Depth Sensors

Taking a look at five depth sensors; The Kinect for XBOX One (Kinect V2), Stereolabs ZED, Stereolabs ZED Mini, Intel RealSense D415 and Intel RealSense D435.

Crack Magazine and Zubr unveil Aphex Twin – Augmented

Bristol-based independent music magazine, Crack, have today unveiled a unique augmented issue. The release is centred around Aphex Twin, one of the most acclaimed figures in contemporary electronic music.

EngD Research Project 02: Have you heard of Augmented Virtuality?

With Augmented Reality (AR), we think of mobile applications such as the Pokemon Go. Real world with augmented objects. Pretty cool right?

EngD Research Project 01: Introduction of Mixed Reality Research Project

Exploring the use of real-time depth camera and compositing technologies in video for mixed-reality production solutions.

Limina VR Exhibition App To Debut At 2018 Encounters Film Festival

Two leading Bristol virtual reality companies together launch new app that makes it easy for cultural venues to set up their own VR cinemas.

Eden Project Launch

The fiery surface of Venus awaits visitors to the Eden Project’s Expedition Space event running now and throughout the summer as part of a cutting-edge VR experience.

Bringing the past and future to life with Digital Placemaking AR Binoculars

Our friends over at Calvium invited us to create an experimental installation for their Ideascape public showcase at Porth Teigr, Cardiff.

Zubr ARKit Hololens style augmented reality turbine hologram outside Zubr studio in Bristol UK

VR/MR/AR convergence ever-closer with Apple’s ARKit

Here at Zubr, we tend to allow ourselves a wide margin for error when it comes to defining the boundaries between augmented, mixed and virtual reality.