Virtually Upfest

Zubr teamed up with Upfest, Europe’s biggest street art festival, to stand against COVID-19 by unveiling incredible new street art in Virtually Upfest.

Virtually Upfest is now live, featuring Zubr’s artwork by Kid Crayon

Click the button below to be transported to virtual North St:

Launch Virtually Upfest

Discover incredible new street art in virtual North Street

Visit our 3D rendition of North St in Southville, Bristol, UK – explore it at your own pace, view the exclusive work commissioned by Upfest, and find out more about the artists.

Works in browser on any device

Use just your smartphone, tablet or computer to visit the URL and navigate the 3D model.

An experiment into hosting events in a post-COVID world

Most street artists would agree they would rather be out painting on a real street, but until that’s possible again, Zubr and Upfest’s collaboration can help to maintain spirits in 2020 and beyond.