Upfest Instagram Filters

Collaborating with Bristol artists Cheo and Copyright, Zubr created three augmented reality instagram filters to launch alongside the Virtual Upfest 2020.

Coordinated by Upfest and Rendar to launch alongside Virtual Upfest 2020 Zubr created three AR instagram filters. Just point the filters at the artwork to bring them to life or try the selfie filter to become a proper Upfest gangster!

Retro Flow by Cheo

A collaboration with Cheo, one of Bristol’s most well known street artists. Bring the artwork to life on the exclusive print here.

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Heal by Copyright

Using the power of augmented reality we have created an additional layer of free flowing psychedelia. Combine the print with its Instagram Filter and see the print leap off your screen and dance magically for your entertainment. Print available here.

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Upfest gangster

Even though you can’t physically be at Upfest in 2020 you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual festival. Try on the 3D Upfest hat and chain and take selfies to add to your instagram story.

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