Test Lab

Anyone can create an amazing 3D hologram of themselves with the world’s first automated 4D scanning installation in the At-Bristol Science Centre.

Zubr teamed up with science centre We The Curious to develop a unique installation that invites visitors to create amazing, 4D holograms of themselves. Each visitor creates a short, motion 3D scan of themselves, before viewing it on a custom-designed augmented reality headset. The system is fully automated and can accommodate one visitor per minute.

Exciting new features, updates and fixes will drive the continuation of the Test Lab project into 2018.

  • Content type: 4D scanning augmented reality
  • Platform: Android
  • Launch date: 27th May 2016
  • VR Headsets: 4 custom-built Android headsets
  • Current number of Depth Cameras: 4
  • Capture Stations: 1
  • Viewing Stations: 2, each with 2 headsets
  • 4D Scan Processing Time: 15-30 seconds