Simple Things Festival 2019

Produced for the Simple Things Festival, we developed a multi-user interactive mixed reality music video for electronic artist Aïsha Devi, featuring her track I Am Not Always Where My Body Is.

The experience was created in collaboration with Berlin based digital media artists, Pussykrew, and was made possible with the support of the Smart Internet Lab, Brigstow Institute, Watershed, and South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN). Throughout the festival, groups of guests would find themselves immersed in a ten metre virtual landscape alongside a 3D video of Devi herself, captured with volumetric Depth Kit cameras.

Viewers collectively experienced the performance through an innovative mixed reality technology. Developed specifically for this event, it utilised Smart Internet Lab’s 5GUK Test Network to connect the Gear VR devices.

As they moved through the space, guests encountered each other, represented by glowing avatars, and listened to the music, split into different instruments and scattered around the glowing planet. We took advantage of Google’s powerful Resonance Audio technology to deliver realistic spatial audio, as users explored the surreal, futuristic landscape.

  • Content type: Mobile VR for Exhibitions
  • Platform: Samsung Gear VR, ARCore
  • Size of VR Playspace: 10m x 10m