Oracle Augmented Reality Showcase

The Reception area of Oracle Corporation’s UK Headquarters plays host to this engaging and insightful augmented reality installation.

The Oracle team in Reading contacted Zubr VR to discuss ideas for a virtual reality installation within their main customer reception area. Following an ideas workshop to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different types of virtual and augmented reality, the team were enthralled by our vision for creating a pop-up, augmented cityscape to show off Oracle’s varied clientbase.

3D Cityscape

Viewers see an incredible, cartoon-style 3D city pop up on the desk in front of them, with moving traffic and trains. Across the city are a number of Oracle’s showcase clients; such as Network Rail, Kent County Council and Yellow Dog. When looking at a showcase client building, viewers can activate a ‘fly-down,’ which will take them to an ultra-high resolution 360 photo capture.

Zubr Augmented Virtual reality experience for Oracle Corporation with modified Gear VR headset
Oracle Corporation mixed reality experience made by Zubr VR

Fast Turnaround

From designing the large, boardgame-inspired tracking image and creating an intricate 3D traffic system for the virtual city, to capturing 100-megapixel 360 photos and installing modified Gear VR headsets – Zubr’s designers and developers completed the entire project inside of two months.

Full installation of custom 3D printed Gear VR headsets with charging and Security

Zubr Augmented Virtual reality experience for Oracle Corporation