MOD VR Training Demo

This immersive training demo has been touring departments of the Ministry of Defence to give a glimpse of the future of engineering training.

Zubr were invited by the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support Tech Office to attend their Inspiring Innovation day held in May 2017 at Abbey Wood, in Bristol. We ensured attendees were adequately blown away by our content by creating a bespoke engineer training demonstration in which broken components on a military vehicle can be replaced for new ones.

High-end Virtual Reality

An immersive virtual reality piece that makes use of the HTC Vive, we hard-coded each of the controllers into a specific tool; one for controlling the rotation and elevation of the vehicle platform, and one as a drill for removing and fixing components.

Zubr Mixed Reality capture of Virtual Reality engineer training demo for Ministry of Defence with custom HTC Vive controller tool model

Research & Development

An experimental version of this application uses the Leap Motion sensor in addition to the HTC Vive controllers; allowing users to manipulate objects with their own hands, whilst also picking up the platform controller and drill in a completely natural way.


  • Content type: High-end VR for military training
  • Platform: HTC Vive
  • Event Date: May 2017
  • Size of VR Playspace: 3m x 3m
  • Additional Technologies: Leap Motion, Vive Tracker