Limina VR Theatre

The Zubr team created a unique software system to power the Limina VR Theatre, which now hosts customers in its’ dedicated venue.

Officially launched in April 2019, the Limina VR Theatre is a new venue in the heart of Bristol’s harbourside – inviting guests to enjoy a curated selection of immersive 360 experiences. The straightforward and scalable format is also used for Limina’s ‘pop-up’ theatres at international events and will soon be rolling out to new dedicated venues.

Zubr worked closely with Limina to devise and develop a solution for synchronising playback of immersive content for large audience groups. The system, designed by Zubr, uses a dedicated server to communicate with all client devices, allowing a member of staff to monitor and control both the entire group and each device individually through an intuitive web interface. Equally important is the player application; running on each VR headset to display the curated 3rd party 360 content, complete with introductory sequence and featuring full ambisonic audio.

“Reducing the barriers to entry into the world of VR is something I am deeply passionate about. Our VR exhibition app means that any venue can smoothly exhibit VR if it has the space and a paying audience. We’re excited to be previewing the Limina VR Exhibition app at Encounters a really pioneering festival.”

Catherine Allen, founder of Limina Immersive

  • Content type: Bespoke software solution for syncronising playback of VR experiences for multiple users
  • Platform: Node.JS, Unity
  • Launch Date: April 2019
  • Additional Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Oculus Go
  • Read the press release here