Encounters Festival VR Theatre

The software system, officially releasing in early 2019 will allow arts venues and cultural attractions to set up their own virtual reality theatres in existing spaces. Groups of ticket-holders can experience curated selections of VR experiences, simultaneously.

After two years of extensive research and testing, Limina saw the high demand from mainstream audiences for artistic VR, including at last year’s sold-out Limina VR Weekender with Watershed. Limina and Zubr plan for the app to get VR to at least 100,000 audience members in 2019. This new straightforward and scalable solution makes it easy for venues to capitalise on audience demand for all things immersive.

The teams’ joint analysis has demonstrated that this product has the potential to disrupt the out-of-home digital entertainment sector, boosting the South West’s global reputation in VR and bringing jobs to the area. The new product will be used throughout Encounters Festival next week in Watershed – the longest running short film and animation festival in the UK.

“Reducing the barriers to entry into the world of VR is something I am deeply passionate about. Our VR exhibition app means that any venue can smoothly exhibit VR if it has the space and a paying audience. We’re excited to be previewing the Limina VR Exhibition app at Encounters a really pioneering festival.”

Catherine Allen, founder of Limina Immersive