Dome Tools

A Powerful, Open-source plugin for the Unity game engine that allows anyone to convert their content to the Fulldome planetarium format.

Zubr VR was commissioned by our friends We The Curious and Bristol City Council to produce a plugin that  can make just about any Unity project work in the Bristol Dome. Completely open source and free to use on commercial projects, the plugin was first unveiled at a special event in the At-Bristol Planetarium during Digital Bristol Week, using a build of the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine showcase as an example of just how easy it is.

Zubr hopes that the release of this package will motivate more developers, artists and other content creators to make the leap to  realtime 3D content, which has significant advantages over pre-rendered media.

Try it here: Data Dome Toolkit on Unity Asset Store

  • Content type: Open Source dev kit
  • Platform: Unity
  • Launch date: 13th May 2016
  • Total file size of package: 361.3 kB
  • Fulldome format: 360 x 180
  • Screen diameter: 12 metres
  • File Size: 361.3 kB