Bloodhound SSC Data Showcase

The lightning-fast data streamed from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car to the Oracle Cloud is visualised in our online 3D and augmented reality experience.

Over 500 sensors on board the Bloodhound SSC feed a constant stream of realtime run data to the Oracle Cloud; which can not only be catalogued for analysis later, but utilised for realtime data visualisation. 

3D Web Interface

Using advanced 3D rendering techniques, we built a simple-to-use 3D interface for viewing and manipulating the Bloodhound Car, right in the web browser. With maximum accessibility in mind, the experience works across all mainstream internet devices – with responsive mobile-friendly formatting, full touchscreen compatibility and adjustable performance quality settings.

Bloodhound SSC 3D model live data experience
Zubr Bloodhound SSC 3D Oracle realtime Data visualisation sensor stats

Visualising the Data

The experience doesn’t just take its data from Oracle’s Bloodhound SSC data stream. Also informing the experience is the data stream for the current weather conditions at Newquay Airport, the site of the test run. This is retrieved directly from the Met Office, and enables one of multiple different pre-rendered weather cubemaps as the background visuals.

Augmented Reality

This project provided us with the perfect foundation for what will become a more elaborate and immersive visual experience. The next phase of the project will bring us within reach of that often discussed but rarely implemented holy grail: Realtime data visualisation in virtual and augmented reality.