Augmented Filter Cube

We worked with Trainrobber to build an incredible visualisation of a water filtration system for a commercial client to showcase at an industry expo.

Pfister Faucets needed an innovative and fun solution to allow guests to experience their Xtract water filtration system at the KBIS Conference. Guests look through mobile VR headsets at the Xtract Filter product, mounted on a cube in the centre of the space. The cube is magically transformed into an X-ray model of a kitchen sink, complete with plumbing and water flow. Guests experience the key message of the product first-hand as they watch animated germ characters being obliterated in the actual filter before their eyes!

In a perfect example of bringing our R&D achievements to commercial applications, Trainrobber and Pfister Faucets were excited to make use of our developments in cuboid trackers for mobile augmented reality. A format which we previously explored as part of a research project we conducted for Aardman Animations back in 2015, we were confident that the cuboid tracker would work extremely well for showing off a complex arrangement of pipework.