Explore the creation of an abstract expressionist landscape painting through a touring Augmented Reality installation.

Hold your device approximately one metre in front of any flat horizontal surface to automatically launch this fascinating AR exploration of process in which ten hours of painting have been condensed into an evocative experience of only a few minutes. While the time-lapse canvas recording was made we simultaneously motion-tracked the artist. This enabled us to merge her movements and the paintings evolution into one uniquely revealing performance. The experience will raise up from the surface, play through and then exit to a credits screen in one go, leaving you free to move around the scene/surface and enjoy the process / performance from any angle.

Making Art Accessible with AR

This unique and accessible work aims to demystify the process involved in the artist’s practice, whilst exploring how new technologies and fine arts can complement and then amplify one another. The full-size version is available as an installation for public venues whereby the experience launches on and in front of a full sized blank canvas, easel and rug.


ABSTRACTED is a collaboration between abstract painter Sally Coulden, digital artist Scott Fletcher and immersive experience designer/developer Benjamin Walbrook. The VFX and AR app were created by Zubr.co, with thanks to Arts Council England for funding the project.