Training and E-Learning

We offer a new opportunity for e-learning agencies to enhance their offering with bespoke 3D training activities; bolstered by measurable results.

Deploy VR/AR that integrates with your existing e-learning programme.

Our immersive content can be the perfect way to engage your clients’ employees. Not only that, but it can be just as useful as your existing e-learning content – providing detailed data for each user, and integrating directly with your platform of choice.

Zubr virtual production realtime mixed reality capture of a VR user repairing a tank

Take advantage of VR simulation for recreating difficult training scenarios.

Virtual Reality can be used in a powerful way for realistic simulations – perfect for when staff need to get accustomed to machinery, vehicles or environments that can’t be easily accessed. We take existing CAD models or create assets from scratch, and build them into a powerful 3D application.

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