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Bring virtual content into the real world. Show your clients the powerful interplay between the physical and digital with our most popular type of content.

Engage audiences with remarkable augmented content

Zubr is one of the leading Augmented Reality (AR) studios in the UK, having completed more than 50 AR projects since 2014. Augmented Reality creates the illusion of eye-popping 3D content existing in the real world. Whether it reveals the hidden scenery of a historic building, creates a portal to another world on your bedroom wall, or makes a music artist pop up on a beer mat – augmentation offers a powerful, user-friendly experience.

Aphex Twin Weirdcore augmented reality magazine cover
Volumetric capture virtual reality music video

Get playful tying 3D content to physical anchors

Quite the opposite to virtual reality, physical objects and your surroundings can make an AR experience all the more effective. We worked with Oracle to augment data stats directly onto a scale model of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, allowed Battersea Power Station visitors to peer into an augmented art deco control room, and even let potential customers try products at home before making a purchase.