Immerse your audience in a virtual world. The Zubr team are experienced in creating immersive virtual reality experiences for a wide variety of uses.
Unlimited potential for content

We are specialists at creating cutting-edge, experiential virtual reality projects; and have completed more than 10 VR experiences since 2015. There are almost no bounds for what type of content can be developed for a virtual reality experience. Whether it’s a virtual rollercoaster ride through the human body, a gamified challenge or adapting part of an existing marketing campaign into an immersive activity, we can design something that fits with your needs.

Low budget, Maximum accessibility

It’s no secret that we built our company on experiences designed for the ultra-low-cost Google Cardboard, which costs as little as £0.25 per unit. Perfect for ventures such as targeted mail-able marketing, synchronisation for large groups of people or simply a maximum accessibility immersive app release.

High quality consumer experiences

For a higher-quality and more immersive experience, this mid-range format is often ideal for museums, events and public installations as well as tapping into an ever-growing consumer base with app releases.

Premium production value, incredible experiences

In order to create an unparalleled immersive experience, the upper echelon of hardware can be called upon to give users an incredible sense of immersion. We make use of special technologies to make high-end experiences really stand out; including the Leap Motion sensor to enable users to see their own hands, and HTC Vive Trackers to bring physical objects at 1:1 into the virtual world.

Technologies we use

For premium VR experiences, we build for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with supporting technologies including the Leap Motion, Oculus Touch and HTC Vive Trackers. For consumer experiences we use the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream; and for building high-accessibility content we use variations of the Google Cardboard V1 and V2, including the Viewmaster. Both Android and iOS smartphone platforms are supported. For custom deployments, we create a hybrid combination of technologies for increased durability, security or mixed reality compatibility.