Social Media Filters

No need to download another app – now you can make amazing AR filters for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Let your audience put themselves in your marketing

Whether you’re promoting the defining feature of your product, the cultural spirit of your restaurant or the past wonders of a historical building – there are now countless opportunities to make great AR content built directly into the top social media platforms.

Augmented reality restaurant marketing Instagram filter made by Zubr for the Casual Dining Group
Graffiti Instagram AR filter with photogrammetry plasticine stop motion face

Meet characters, wear costumes, step inside portals.

The list of things you can achieve in a simple social media filter is constantly growing. Starting with basic facial tracking effects, the platforms have now expanded to include plane tracking, image recognition, gesture and expression recognition and background segmentation. That means you can create experiences such as:

  • A selfie AR filter for Snapchat that allows you to wear a fictional character’s makeup and headdress
  • A selfie AR filter for Facebook that recognises a ‘surprised’ expression to trigger an animated graphic
  • A spatial AR filter for Instagram that allows you to place a piece of furniture in your living room
  • An AR filter for Instagram which uses image recognition to bring an album cover artwork to life in 3D
  • An immersive selfie filter for Instagram which uses background segmentation to place you into a 360 scene

Integrate directly into the top social media platforms.

Social Media Filters are a great way of giving your audience a highly accessible ‘Lite’ AR experience. All current formats use strict file size limits for rapid downloads, can be accessed directly via a QR Code, and have the full advantages of posting, sharing and tagging on their respective social media platform. Cutting-edge features – such as plane tracking, gesture recognition and background segmentation – work on all modern mobile devices.

Snapchat Lens Studio also supports most of these features, and makes use of its own ‘Snapcode’ for sharing. Access to TikTok Effector is not currently available in our region, but we expect this to change in the coming months.

Lexus social media marketing campaign augmented reality filter made by Zubr

Zubr is a leading UK creator of AR social media filters.

Having created social media filters for over four years for a number of household brands, Zubr is a leading augmented reality filter studio in the UK. Get in touch to find out what you can achieve in an AR filter.