Social Media Filters

There’s no need to download an app – it’s now possible to create amazing VR, AR and 3D content that works right on your favourite social media platform.

Engage audiences with remarkable augmented content.

Zubr is one of the leading augmented reality studios in Bristol, having completed more than 15 AR projects since 2015. Augmented reality creates the illusion of eye-popping 3D content existing in the real world. Whether it’s to bring an interactive game onto the pavement, create a portal to another world on your bedroom wall, or make a musical performance pop up on a beer mat – augmentation offers a user-friendly and yet powerful experience..

Get playful tying 3D content to physical anchors

Quite the opposite to virtual reality, visceral physical objects and your surroundings can make an augmented experience all the more effective. Create a portal to the past by augmenting a reconstructed scene onto a real-life doorway. Or render an informative user interface around an artifact in a museum.