Augmented Reality Binoculars

Our free-standing and handheld binoculars are built for AR and VR - turning sophisticated tech into a welcoming analogue experience.

An advanced digital solution, packaged in a friendly, analogue way.

People from all walks of life understand the language of looking through binoculars. The irresistible lure of peering through a classic set of New York Binoculars, spinning them round to survey the horizon, is known to young and old alike. 

Now, with the advance of AR and VR technologies, Zubr offers a solution which combines the best of analogue and digital. Our Virtual and Augmented Reality Binoculars allow our clients to capitalise on the existing understanding and excitement for old-school binoculars, whilst also introducing the thrill and insight of digital visuals.

Augmented reality binoculars for cultural heritage and placemaking installed by Zubr at Cardiff Bay
Augmented reality view of ancient castle ruins at historical cultural heritage site

Augmented reality where no one has to download an app.

Augmented reality is a fantastic way to let your audience see amazing visuals that would otherwise be impossible: Whether it’s looking into the past, watching creatures come to life, or playing a video game in the space around you. But downloading a new app is often a commitment that many people aren’t willing to make, and with good reason.

Fortunately, our AR Binoculars are a brilliant, accessible solution that allow our clients to make the most of everything our Augmented Reality services have to offer – without asking anyone to download an app. Our binoculars can make use of AR camera passthrough in exactly the same way as your smartphone, and can use different magnification levels to cater augmented visuals to your space – An incredible solution for heritage and tourism sites.

Standardised units or fully-bespoke options available.

Zubr’s design team offers a sliding scale of Augmented Reality Binoculars options to cater to your needs; from the low-cost, standard unit design and basic content up to fully bespoke units with interactive content and high production visuals. All units are robust, weatherproof-finish metal as standard. Customisation options could include colours, finishes, different height levels, magnification, rotation locks, the addition of levers, controls, sound, voice activation and much more.

Zubr augmented reality binoculars with time travel lever

Zubr is your specialist for the production of virtual reality binoculars.

Zubr is a specialist virtual and augmented reality studio with a unique focus on AR/VR Binoculars. We provide AR Binoculars and their content for heritage organisations, tourist attractions, museums, public engagement and marketing events, corporate training programmes and more. We can supply any quantity of units internationally, and also provide support and maintenance packages. Get in touch to find out more.