Introducing the ZEDShed

As you can probably imagine, over the last 5 years we’ve worked on some pretty amazing projects with some pretty great people, but for the most part you guys (yes, you) never get to see what really happens here at Zubr HQ.

In 2020, that’s all about to change.

Over the years, you’ve told us that you want to see more of what we do, and how we do it, so we’ve decided to open the (digital) doors to our studio via the wondrous world of YouTube.

That’s right; it’s finally happening.

And we’re not talking about a corporate video account, as we’ll share our trials, tribulations, opinions and cock-ups…warts and all.

Got something you really want to see us talk about? Drop us a line at

Welcome to the Zubr Exploratory Department.


ZEDShed: The New YouTube Channel from Zubr