Hey guys! Allow me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Kenneth Cynric Dasalla, a Research Engineer (RE) with Zubr VR and 2nd year EngD Student with the University of Bath. With just mathematical backgrounds, I challenged myself to try a career that involves problem solving. I have never heard of computer science in high school but with a bit of research, I chose to study it. I have never coded before but I was able to learn it throughout undergrad. I entered with a normal course but I finished with a specialism. I finished the undergraduate degree, BSc Computer Science with Visual Computing, at Cardiff University.

During my final year, an email was sent to everyone about an opportunity for a doctoral training scholarship. Not missing out on the opportunity, I gave it a go and one or two months after my graduation, I got the scholarship. I recently just finished the Masters and transitioned into my second year as an EngD Student with the Centre for Digital Entertainment.

Where does Zubr VR come with this pot of opportunity?

First of of all, the EngD is a doctorate similar to a PhD but with a twist. The structure of my EngD involves 1 year of Masters Taught programme + 3 years of a research project. To make it an Engineering Doctorate, the Research Engineer (that’s me), must be paired with a company during the 3 year research. My status will be a doctoral student but based with the company. Zubr VR (the company I’m with) specialises in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. The difference with a PhD and an EngD is IMPACT; the finished research will benefit Zubr as well as benefit me in submitting a final thesis (wish me luck!).

The Project

The title of the research is Mixed Reality Production Solutions. The longer version is Exploring the use of real-time depth camera and compositing technologies in video for mixed-reality production solutions – technologies, workflows, implications for content creation. Zubr has already made a start on this from the previous blog post (https://zubr.co/introducing-zubr-vr-mixed-reality-video-studio/). So it is now my turn to continue with the research and find ways for a better solution or an improvement with their current solution.

Current Progress

I am now on my first few weeks with Zubr and already made connections with everyone here. This is actually my first time ever in the industry and it is awesome to see everyone collaborating with their own expertise. I am now settled and it is about time to really begin this research project. Many more updates to follow!