The fiery surface of Venus awaits visitors to the Eden Project’s Expedition Space event running now and throughout the summer as part of a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) experience.

Eden has worked with Bristol-based VR studio Zubr to create the thrilling experience just for Expedition Space.

Zubr have previously worked on projects for clients including Aardman Animations and the team behind the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge.

The Eden experience is designed by a BAFTA-nominated VR designer and immerses visitors in the breath-taking vistas and sounds of Venus, taking them on a perilous journey from a base to a rocket ready to take off.

On the way they explore caves on the planet’s surface and traverse a perilous bridge over molten lava flows.

Players wear VR headsets and move through the game world by walking through a purpose-built area in real life. They hear a bespoke soundscape with bubbling lava and rumbling rockets which changes as the player moves through the world.

This is the first time Eden has hosted a full immersive VR experience. In the past Eden has hosted 360 degree films through VR headsets, but this new experience is fully interactive and has been designed especially for Eden. Some of the technology it employs has only become available in the last few months.

Zubr was formed three years ago by a team of people with a background in TV visual effects and video games development. Their team have worked on many VR and AR (augmented reality – a similar technology where computer-generated elements mix with the real world) projects for various clients.

“VR is one of the most dynamic new forms of entertainment and this is an experience that people can only have at Eden this summer. Where else will you able to set foot on the surface of Venus?”

Expedition Space is the ultimate space adventure holiday starring a Mission to Mars, mini-golf on Mercury and a daring slide down the surface of a moon.

The VR experience costs £5 per person in addition to the main Eden Project admission fee.

“This is a major development for Eden and we’re proud to be working with Zubr to bring this unique experience and exciting new technology to our visitors.”

 – Programme Manager Kate Francis

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