App Privacy Policy

App Specific Info:

Zubr Virtual Reality LTD will not collect or store any personal or non-personal data from this App., whether this be email addresses, names, telephone numbers, MAC or UDIDs, location or log identifiers.

Our Thomas Reward Chart App does not contain any analytic software and the entire experience does not require internet connection.

It is really important to understand your opt-out rights. Whenever you uninstall the app, the places, comments and ratings you created will remain in the servers.

Our Thomas Reward Chart app will request access to the device’s camera in order to provide in-game functionality. The camera functionality is used for the Augmented Reality window into Sodor upon the  which the reward chart appears in the real world.

Zubr Virtual Reality does not collect or store any photos, videos, or audio files in our through our apps.

All photos, videos, and audio files are stored locally on the device only.

Additional information regarding Children’s Privacy to
Zubr Virtual Reality LTD products.

Zubr Virtual Reality LTD complies with GDPR and COPPA. We take precautions designed to protect the online privacy of children.

We do not collect or store ANY information from the User of this application. Regardless If the person indicates that he or she is under 13 years old, we will (i) collect no personal information (e.g. persistent identifier or email address) from that individual, (ii) There is no registration element of the app or In app purchases.

Our App functions off-line and has no on-line functions or capability.