Day: September 8, 2016

Zubr Bjork Google Cardboard and web VR experience

An immersive look into Bjork's Future

Today, we’ve very proud to unveil a neat little project we’ve been working on with Yadda and Crack Magazine as part of Bjork in Focus.

It’s a simple but powerful immersive environment where you can look around at some exclusive content from this month’s Bjork features in Crack Magazine.

To create the virtual environment, we created custom artwork to fit with the Crack magazine’s cover feature of Bjork –  including a seamless 360 cubemap and meticulously dimensionalised key images. The experience was built using Zubr VR and Yadda’s awesome new Enso Experience platform, which is a versatile, CMS-controlled system for creating great VR content that works right in the browser.  Crack Magazine also made  custom Cardboard viewers to go alongside the experience!

Head over to our Bjork’s Future project page to check out some screenshots, or click here to go straight to the experience itself (that’s right – no app to download).